Tuesday, August 21, 2012

summertime as a "flatlander"

Despite the fact that I thought I was moving to the mountains, those who actually live in the mountains refer to residents of Boulder as "flatlanders."

 Roger's Pass

On the way to Heart Lake 

Glacial Bowl on the way to Heart Lake

 Looking down on the way up Mount Chiquita

Almost up Mount Chiquita

Mt. Chapin-Chiquita-Ypsilon. We were soooo close to getting to Ypsilon. I guess 2 outta 3 ain't bad. 

The crew taking a break from the endless winds!

View on the way down

Hiking up Quandary

My first mountain goat!! Quandary Peak

Pika on Quandary

 Looking up to the summit of Quandary
Sad that a storm popped up and kept us from getting to the summit of Quandary


Heading up to S. Arapahoe Peak

Crazy clouds popping up. 

View from S. Arapahoe Peak

Me and Jennifer at the summit of S. Arapahoe

S Arapahoe Peak

One last look at the summit of S. Arapahoe Peak.

Thistled Spring

Frozen mountain bog en route to Arapahoe Pass

skies turn dark near Arapahoe Pass

Arapahoe Pass

View from Bear Peak

Pretty spectacular view from Bear Peak. I could have done without all the stairs on the way up...and down.

My first moose sighting near Jasper Lake!

Springtime snow at Jasper Lake

The front range from Niwot Ridge.

Niwot Ridge