Monday, August 11, 2014

The writing on the wall

Last weekend, Craig and I got started on one of our Bay Area goals--visit some of Oakland's impressive street murals. The detail these street artists are able to capture is phenomenal. The longer you stare at one of the murals, the more illuminated hidden images and messages start to become. We've only scratched the surface here, but it is a start. 

'Four Guardians' was our favorite. We had to cross through a broken fence into a train yard to see this one. It's a shame something this rad isn't on display for more people to see. 

San Francisco on the left, Oakland on the right

Wish I could decipher graffiti writing 

We found these gems in East Oakland where not a building (and sometimes car) went without being tagged. Most of it appeared to be gang-related or just punks, but there were some pretty creative pieces in the mix too.

For scale of how large these paintings typically are

Any mural with a squirrel letting some magic out of the bag is ok with me.

This one is brand new. It's an Oakland Palestine Solidarity Mural. Each panel is a different tree created by artists to show their support for Palestinians in Gaza. 

This is one of series of 'Water Writes' pieces displayed around the world. Each mural highlights the importance of water issues to the local region.