Monday, January 26, 2015

Trading snow for bikes

The winter of 2015 is not turning out to not be a good year for snow. We've been trying to shed the winter blues by jumping on the bikes and exploring the islands scattered around Puget Sound.

Below are a few photos from Vashon Island. This rides was close enough that we were able to bike out our front door to the ferry and back. It was a cold ride with off and on mist, but it was a beautiful ride in the rural countryside of western Washington. 

Craig enjoying a pre-ride coffee on the ferry

A quick stop at a barnacle-covered beach. It made for difficult walking and we had to carry our bikes for fear of slicing a tire. 

The route

Next we headed over to Camano Island.  This was about an hour drive from our house just north of Everett. A bridge connected to the island so, unfortunately, we didn't get to ride a ferry this time. The temperatures were unseasonably warm on this day (in the lower 60s when the sun was out) and despite the fact it is late January, I did most of this ride in short sleeves.

 Highest point of the ride. The cliff behind us drops 450 feet straight down to the water...and I mean STRAIGHT down. Notice a tiny Mt. Rainier on the horizon to the right of us.

A look across a mud flat at Mt. Rainier just before leaving.