Saturday, August 24, 2013

Point Reyes

Photos from one of our first outings after moving to California.

Eroding bluffs. A common site in California.

Craig in the old dunes

Pretty day!

A deer finds itself in a predicament

Craig near a an unstable bluff

California has a great color palette

 A Craig for scale

Fog started to roll in at the end of our hike.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Move from Oregon to California

Below is a compilation of photos taken when Craig and I moved from Oregon to California. It was a bittersweet time. Craig and I were sad to leave the beautiful state of Oregon where we had worked hard to return, but excited to both have full time work in our career fields...something that we weren't able to make happen in Oregon at the time.

During the journey south, we decided to take a volcano tour of the southern Cascades.

 We started the journey with Crater Lake. Wildfires outside of the park caused the skies to be very dark while we were there. The day before this photo was taken, the air was so smokey, one could not see across the lake and could barely make out Wizard Island.

Hobo dinner at Crater Lake. Notice the first aid kit in the foreground...I imagine we had just doctored Craig up after cutting himself gathering firewood. :)

Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge--just across the Oregon/California border

An old volcano in Lava Beds National Monument

The view from our campsite at Medicine Lake Volcano 

Dinner prep at Medicine Lake

Medicine Lake Volcano--the largest volcano, by volume, in the Cascades

Exploring lava tubes in Lava Beds National Monument

Exploring lava tubes in Lava Beds National Monument. Notice the ice in this one!

Craig with a lava tube exposed due to the roof collapsing (rubble in foreground).

Still standing where lava tube roof collapsed but looking the opposite way (Craig is in the middle for scale).

Much of the ground in this area was characterized by a sunken grade caused by extinct lava tubes.

Pillow basalts
Craig exposing the hollow center of a pillow basalt.

Lupine in Mt Lassen National Park

Me in a field of lupine

Fumaroles at Bumpass Hell in Mt Lassen National Park

 More fumaroles at Bumpass Hell

This place reeked of rotten eggs. 

Craig freshening up with some rotten egg smell to the face.

Bubbling mud

One of the peaks in Mt. Lassen National Park

A meadow in Mt. Lassen NP 

camping just outside the park 

Craig holding fine-grained sediments deposited by a huge lake that once covered the area.

All that remains of a lake that once covered the area. It  has since been buried by episodes of lava flows.

A cinder cone in Mt. Lassen National Park

Craig making the terrible walk to the top of the cinder cone

Me and Craig in front of Mt. Lassen

Mt. Lassen viewed from cinder cone

View into cinder cone

Scene of a lava field spilling into the painted dunes viewed from the top of cinder cone

Another view of the painted dunes

An old lava flow onto the pained dunes

Craig along the inner walls of the cinder cone making his way down to the bottom

Craig at the bottom of a cinder cone

One of the very green lakes in the park

Such a pretty sky that day.


Cooling off in a river just outside of Tahoe. This is the last day before we arrive in Oakland, CA.