Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sky Pond

Wildfires changed hiking plans this day so we had to go to Sky Pond instead. Not a bad substitute.

 loch lake

on the way to sky pond

icy climb to the pond

winds were howling!

sky pond

Quandary Peak

Finally succeeded in reaching the summit!

just above treeline...long way to go.

gnarles goatley guards quandary peak

 one of the views from the summit

 my summit panorama gets bombed
who doesn't love a summit whiskey?

Mt. Democrat

pikas are so cute. this little guy was pretty brave.


view on the way up

false summit!

alex about to see that we weren't really at the top yet...

here we go! summit!

view from the summit

group coming back down

The $100 hike

Although it was worth it, I don't advise stepping off the paths in Colorado. They're pretty strict about their Green Space laws...

Hall Ranch, CO


calm waters of the Gulf

Gulf of Mexico

sunsets were accompanied by an impressive dance of dragonflies by the hundreds

so peaceful :)

attempt with the self timer at sunset 


waves start picking up from Hurricane Sandy


wrong place, wrong time

putt-putt. when in florida...

Aspen Extreme

You just can't beat fall in a Colorado aspen grove...