Saturday, December 20, 2014

Snow Lake

Last weekend, Chris came down from Port Townsend to visit us in Seattle! On Saturday morning/afternoon, we hiked up to Snow Lake where a fresh layer of snow had just been laid down the night before. Such a pretty place!

Peaks surrounding Snow Lake

Views from along the trail

Looking down at Snow Lake

More trail views

Friendly Gray Jays thinking they're going to get fed.  

Jays checking out Chris's granola bar.

Me very happy the bird landed on my hand too

Looking across the lake

It always amazes me that someone would snap a photo holding the camera sideways...

More views across the lake

 More views across the lake

Chris tests the thickness of the ice.

Chris at Snow Lake

It starts snowing at Snow Lake!

On the hike down

Chris takes a shorter way down.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Little Bandera Mountain

Photos from when Kerri, Stephen, and I took advantage of the continued dry weekend weather to hike up Little Bandera Peak.

The trail turns into a rock field.

Climbing through a hillside of seasoned beargrass. 

Kerri recovering her hat from the bushes after the wind blew it off.

 Almost to the top!

Love the Cascades!

Stephen taking some summit pics with Mt. Rainier in the background.

The group

A view down the valley. Seattle and Bellvue can be seen with the eye, but don't show up here. 

stream crossing