Sunday, October 18, 2009

'perpetually' beautiful

Last weekend, Dave and I drove out to Newport early in the morning so I could start my volunteering with the Surfrider Foundation's water quality testing program. Since it only took a few minutes to collect the water samples from the coast, we decided to take advantage of being at the beach and went for a hike on Cape Perpetua. When we got out of the car at the top of the trail, the winds were RIPPING!!! It was also extremely foggy and rainy so we couldn't see the gorgeous views blanketed by the white mist.

Hiking in these poor weather conditions is such a blast! I feel so warm and protected from the harsh winds and cold rain when I'm tucked inside my rain gear. The only problem was that I couldn't keep my camera out and ready for the amazing shots along the way. I must get my camera a raincoat too!

By the time we got down the coast, the rain stopped and the fog cleared allowing us to witness the angry waves crashing into the rocks all around us. I'm actually really surprised they let people walk down around these basalt tidepools because it can be really dangerous for an unmindful spectator.

water rushing back to the sea after being heaved up onto the rocks by violent waves

The sky started to clear!
Wave interaction is my favorite.
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