Thursday, January 28, 2010

on a saturday...

After spending weeks in the clouds and rain, I welcomed the bright sunshine that came in last Saturday. Unfortunately, I also had plans to get to the coast that same day....meaning there was a good chance it would be rainy and windy there.

Luckily, the clouds held back for the afternoon and we had a beautiful, sunny day in Newport, Oregon.

tide poolers walk around on these mysteriously placed rocks. i learned later that buried beneath these stones are 2 pipes that run out into the ocean--one for sewage and one for discharge from a nearby paper mill. if only they knew...

me enjoying the blue skies and soaking up some sunshine

looking out at the backside of the dunes to the northside of the jetty. note all the paths carved out from people trekking on them.

beautiful cumulonimbus cloud forming over the ocean.

dave while climbing back up the bluff.

future site of NOAA Pacific operations center

Yaquina Bay bridge looking south