Sunday, November 21, 2010

deliverance II

 rolling upstream

Canoe, check. Homemade baby banjo, check. Greg and I set out for man-made reservoir, Foster Lake, to paddle the calmed waters of the South Santiam River.  Equipped with homemade potato-leek soup for lunch and pickin's from Greg's banjo, we had the makings for a swell time. Shortly after lunch, the rain started on pretty heavy and quickly turned to snow! That's when we called it a day-- heading back to the car and hot chocolate. 

stretching the legs

the ride

(insert sarcasm font) this looks like a great place to put a dam 

the canoe in the safe harbor

me in the front

 me and greg cruising the waters

tree graveyard...ugh


potato leek soup and song

wet snow!