Tuesday, May 31, 2011

kentucky falls

After a failed earlier attempt to access the trail to Kentucky Falls in March (due to a late snow season), I finally made the haul back on the long, motion-sickness inducing logging road to see the falls at high flow. The forest was a green and soggy state of gorgeous, combining pillars of new and old growth doug firs/red cedars with a floor of perfectly placed ferns and pillowy mosses.

However, the real gem of the trail was the waterfalls. Framed by a vibrant green matting, this roaring white water created a scenery that could only have been more enchanting and fantastical if a unicorn came trotting across the trail.

view of some of the forest along the trail

trail to the falls

tree tops of some of the old (and new) growth forest in the area

greg reaches the upper kentucky falls

 upper kentucky falls

 this needs no caption