Sunday, April 11, 2010

attempt at finding spring

In high hopes that the fruit blossoms would be out near the Columbia Gorge's "Fruit Loop" area, my friend Kerri and I decided to head up that way and check it out. Unfortunately, we were about 2 weeks too early so we only got to see the very beginnings of the buds coming on. It was also a pretty hazy day, which didn't make for great pictures, but you can imagine from looking at the above photo of the orchards in front of Mt Adams that it's a spectacular site when they're in bloom on a clear day!

Kerri snapping a shot of the buds and Mt Adams
more of mt adams. mt hood was also very visible, but for some reason i never got a photo of it!

After driving around the orchards unsuccessfully searching for a single field of blooms, we decided to instead check out the famous Multnomah Falls just outside of Portland. As beautiful as this place is, it's like a carnival when you arrive.  Hundreds of people are everywhere, eating ice cream, snapping photos of each other, and hiking the many trails in the area.  I also hear this place is pretty notorious for its car break-ins so I don't recommend stopping here...