Friday, November 1, 2013

Craig's Parents Visit San Francisco

For Craig's birthday, his parents flew out to California to help us celebrate! Below are some photos from Craig's big day spent on the beaches of San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach

Craig and his parents at the Marin Headlands. San Francisco looks on in the background.

Craig and me playing on the rocks near Baker Beach.

 When heading back to the car, we saw a man taking multiple large boxes out of his car. When we looked closer, we saw that the boxes were full of pigeons! The main was doing a training exercise with the birds to see if they could find their way home. It was so cool to see the birds whip around in the air trying to organize themselves before all taking off in a single direction.

Hope they found their way home!

Craig's birthday dinner was at the Cliff House near Ocean Beach. The restaurant overlooks the ocean with a few sea stacks just offshore. The sun put on a great show for the occasion, painting the sky in a swath of pastels.