Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mountain biking at Lake Tahoe

Below are a few scenes from our fantastic bike ride along the Flume Trail, located on the east side of Lake Tahoe. The trail was 14 miles at 7000-8000 ft of elevation, which I definitely was feeling during the steep ascent at the beginning of the ride; it's tough coming from sea level! The ride started with a cruise through meadows and aspens, which eventually transitioned into a steep climb up Lake Tahoe's flanks to finally reveal the blue beauty on the other side. Looking down at the massive body of water, it was sometimes difficult to convince yourself that it was a lake and not the sea. The winds were howling on this day so even though it was Labor Day, there were very few people on the water, which probably strengthened this illusion. 

Ms. Tahoe and me

Beach for ants

Craig hoisting up Gary F. for a view

Taking in the sights

Lake Tahoe making it hard to keep my eyes on the road

Nearing the end of the ride