Thursday, April 16, 2015

Deception Pass

Below are some photos from a hike at Deception Pass. After spending a few days at a work field site near here, Craig wanted to show me the fantastic place he got to call the office for a while. It was amazing--such a lush and dynamic environment. It was hard to look at the setting and not imagine the rich lifestyle the natives must have had here ages ago.

Luckily, we were also there when the tide was in transition from high to low. When this happens, the water at Deception Pass becomes a swirling confusion of water simultaneously flowing in two directions!

Me standing on one of the sheer bluffs

The Maiden of Deception Pass with her salmon

Craig looking out at the Sound

We had these views for most of the hike!

Craig (lower left) looking toward Deception Pass at an ebbing tide.

Great Blue Heron

Taking a quick break to catch some sun while we watch the tide change.

Craig and Deception Island

Views along the hike.

Views along the hike.

Craig and me