Sunday, March 20, 2016

Chasing sunshine in Wenatchee, WA

Seeking a break from the long winters of the Pacific Northwest, Craig and I spent a weekend in Wenatchee, WA. Once east the Cascade mountain range, the weather changes dramatically from a soggy lush forest capped by low, gray skies to a high desert environment with almost certain sunshine.

One of the highlights of the trip was a hike along the Ancient Lakes trail--a hike that takes you along steep basalt cliffs, up close to waterfalls, and encircles a tiered chain of pothole lakes left behind receding glaciers.

Views from the start of the trail.

Columnar basalt

Basalt and waterfalls

 Scrambling to get to the next tier of waterfalls

Waterfall, Craig, and chain of pothole lake

More waterfalls in the desert

Looks more like Utah than Washington

Craig looking out


Craig and me

Even without the hike, the town of Wenatchee was an attraction in itself.  A quaint downtown with an old west feel, the city has done a great job of maintaining the original building structures while re-purposing them with cute boutiques and restaurants. Little known fact, they are known as the apple capital of the world and are one of the largest producers of apples. Although Wenatchee was not previously on my radar, I'm looking forward to returning this fall to check out their apple-harvesting festivities. 

 Wenatchee's pubic market-- probably most-likened to a smaller version of Seattle's Pike Place Market.

Some of the shops inside of Wenatchee's Public Market

Love me some good Mexican food and Wenatchee had a lot of it!

A bridge across the Columbia in Wenatchee

Pedestrian bridge across the Columbia River

Swimming duck