Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weekend in Spokane, WA

When we found out Craig would be visiting a job site in Spokane and that my company has an office nearby, we loaded up the bikes and made a weekend out it! As a first-timer in Spokane, I didn't have many expectations, but with a motto of, 'Near Nature, Near Perfect,' how could I not get excited?!

We were, admittedly, off to a rough start when we made the 4.5 hour commute out east riding in a F350 diesel work truck. As a tip, those trucks are not meant for highway travel! I imagine it having a similar bounciness as trotting on a horse.

The city of Spokane was very industrial, but had a vibe of revitalization with new breweries and small businesses popping up regularly. We both really enjoyed the size of the city and its proximity to outdoor recreation, Idaho, and the Palouse. The Palouse is a hilly, agricultural area that owes its fertile soil to wind-blown organic sediment that blew east for thousands of years. It creates a unique landscape perfect for a challenging cycling experience!

Craig riding on a gravel road the Palouse 

Same 'ol scenery as far as the eyes can see.

Glacial loess turned to agriculture land


One of the few buildings along the ride.

Roadside yellow flowers.

The castle we stayed in

Did I mention that there was a massive river (the Spokane River) flowing through the middle of the city??! At times it is a slow trickle, but we were in luck! With fresh snow melt, the dams had recently opened the floodgates and to say that it was an impressive flow was an understatement! 

The river was running!

So much river!

On the drive home, we made a quick stop at the Columbia River. The Spokane flows into this river where it eventually discharges into the Pacific Ocean.