Monday, April 26, 2010

wet and wild on mary's peak

doug fir

Last Saturday morning I headed out to Mary's Peak with Kerri and Dave to search for wildflowers and (hopeful) for a view of the landforms surrounding the valley.  It was definitely a late spring hike in Oregon...the day started with a light rain which eventually evolved into oversized droplets that resembled diamonds as the sun refracted through each watery sphere. Simultaneous with the giant rain drops and sun was the remainder of the winter's snow falling off the tree tops and crashing into the ground around us.  Yep...spring.  As we continued to gain elevation we reached a level where the rain instantaneously turned to snow and the wind started to pick up.

getting into the snow

After arriving at the clearing on the top wind was howling and we were getting pelted with ice crystals that rushed up and over the summit.  I, as usual, was totally unprepared for the weather and wore a tank top, light hiking pants and a rain coat.

near the top of mary's peak

We attempted to "sled" in the snow while at the top using our rain gear, but with little was too sticky.  Nevertheless it was fun trying.  If it wasn't for the absence of gloves, I would have taken some pictures of this failed attempt, but my fingers told me that it wasn't worth it.

After lunch, we bid farewell to the peak in order to get back in time for Kerri's horn choir performance in Eugene. Strangely, on the way down I saw more way more wildflowers than I  noticed on the way up, but they were all trilliums and violets. Where are all the wildflowers hiding?! Maybe I'm too early?

me, dave and kerri at the top freezing

one of the trilliums from the hike down