Tuesday, July 27, 2010

bad moon rising

casey on the summit of triangulation peak

Triangulation Peak has been on my list of places to get to for some time now.  It's decently close to Corvallis (about 1.5 hours), offers unbeatable views of Mt. Jefferson and has a cave nearby...what's not to like.  To take advantage of the full moon we had this week, Casey and I jetted off to Triangulation Peak right after work to get there in time for duet of the sunset and moonrise.

The road to get there was rougher and took longer than anticipated so we found ourselves a bit pressed for daylight once we started hiking.  Keeping a fast pace on the trail and the fact that there weren't too many lookouts during the hike helped get us there just in the nick of time!  As we rounded the last of the trees that prevented our up close and personal view of Mt Jefferson, we found ourselves at peak sunset!


 more sunset

 keeps getting better...

Once the colorful display from the sunset started to subside, we waited out the intermission for the rising of the moon.  A thick haze to the South made us question if it would even be possible to see the moonrise and we were soon about to head back down the trail. Taking one last photo of Jefferson, we started to notice a slight glow behind the mountain.  Could that possibly be the moon??  Yes!  I couldn't believe our luck!  The moon was rising directly behind Mt. Jefferson!  

It was an absolutely spectacular view, but only lasted several minutes. Before we knew it the moon was out in all it's glory and wasn't slowing down for me to take any decent photos (hence the lack of actual moon pictures).

is that a glow behind jefferson?

could it be the moon rising...