Friday, August 13, 2010

Broken Top

After several failed attempts to hike at Broken Top, I finally made it last weekend. Although not quite a successful summit, the hike and views were still awesome. Because there isn't an obvious trail to the top, we just set our eyes on the peak and bushwhacked our way there, but of course, it ended up being the wrong way! After getting above most of the trees, the rocks became very thin and brittle--a sound identical to walking on broken glass.  The terrain quickly steepened and we were soon left with cliffs of loose boulders separating us from the summit. Rather than risk our lives for the wrong trail, we just enjoyed the "nearly summit" views and headed back down. Sadly, this was also done in the absence of a summit beer as Oregon does not sell alcohol before 7am and we left Corvallis at 3 that morning! Lesson learned.

 alex stream crossing

the trail to green lakes

mt bachelor

sisters and green lakes

on the ridge to broken top

feels just like i'm walking on broken glass...

broken top

me & broken top

mt bachelor

alex on the ridge

view from broken top

surfing the rocks on the way down
field of lupus

per usual 

indian paintbrush

we were up there

there's a meltpond at the base of this snow...i must get there soon.