Monday, July 22, 2013

Dabob Crabbing

Our friend, Cam, hosted a weekend crabbing get-together at his yurt near Hood Canal, Washington. A lot of our good friends from graduate school made it up and we had one hell of a good time! The weekend was filled with crabbing, clamming, surf-boarding from the back of a boat, and lounging on the gorgeous beaches of Washington's Puget Sound.

catching clams is harder than it looks

Craig spots of crab

lots of bounty

I love sea stars

You want me to eat that?!

Oyster fields

Exhausted from all the hunting.

Even the dogs had a blast

Sheba getting a hot stone massage

Bivalves waiting for dinner

Chris surfing his board from the back of Cam's boat.

Chris surfing his board from the back of Cam's boat. 

Pulling the crabs up

One of the times we caught a big jelly!

More crab pot pulling

More crab pot pulling

Prepping the meal

Eating like PNW kings (and queens)

The boys and their kissy-faces. Craig with a crab friend and Jay with a dead rooster's head we used for crab bait.