Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kayaking Tomales Bay

While David and Sarah were visiting from Florida, we also headed west to kayak at Tomales Bay.  When we first arrived at the camp site, it looked as if we might have the entire beach to ourselves. We could not have been more wrong. By late in the afternoon, we shared the space, which I would have expected to maybe comfortably fit another couple of tents, with 3 more smaller groups of 3-4 individuals, a swath of kayakers from an REI trip, and a family of rednecks from Roseburg, CA.

We spent the day kayaking around the local area and the evening/night people watching of some comical characters within the diverse group we shared the beach with. As expected, the rednecks were up late partying and yelling at each other and one of them preferred to try sticking with us telling us tall tales of how he was a millionaire because he invented a "fat suit" to make people sweat more while working out...hilarious trip.

The beach just as more people are starting to arrive (photo: D. Joseph)

Sarah and David's ride

The weekend crew

Pointing our bow to catch up with David and Sarah

Taking a break from the boats to check out the views from the rolling hills

Here we are at the top with the open coast in the background.

coastal California farmland

The walk back to our Bayside beach

foggy morning