Sunday, July 6, 2014

Taking nothing for granite

With Craig's brother and sister-in-law in town, we decided to show them California's unique granite wonderland--Desolation Wilderness.  We backpacked for the night at Twin Lakes and successfully managed to not get lost, unlike our previous trip to the region. The temperatures were much hotter than we anticipated with the highs being in the low 90s at the base of the trail. Although this made for a sweaty hike, it also allowed for some swimming once we reached the lakes.

After dinner, we were treated to a beautiful sunset, which eventually faded to a warm, clear night. The moon was half full and reflected so well off the white granite, headlamps weren't necessary. Still adapting to Pacific Time, David and Sarah fell asleep early so Craig and I went for a short moonlight hike. Once at a a higher vantage point, we sat for a while to marvel at how the moon enhanced the magnificent and enormity of the rocky landscape around us. 

a butterfly sighting as we start out on the trail

Sarah and David relax after the hike up to the lake

Craig braces for the coming shock of cold water

Craig making his way back from successfully reaching the island

Us in front of Twin Lakes

Dinner with a view

Me and Craig at Twin Lake



We found a beautiful log!

Enjoying the sunset

Even the Great Pumpkin got a view

Marshy meadow on the way down

 One of the many interesting and gnarly trees in Desolation Wilderness

David and Craig strike a pose

View on the return trip from Twin Lakes

Flowers along the trail

Making our way back from Twin Lakes

Trees somehow surviving in this desolate environment