Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall Colors at Easy Pass

Fall has arrived in the Cascades and the proof is in the colors! Vibrant warm hues of crimson, gold, and orange painted the rocky trail and oozed out of the rounded glacial valley walls. We had superb weather with a start of sunny skies that transitioned into low, quick moving clouds and sleet. As will happen in the mountains, this change of conditions was unannounced and created dynamic vistas that transformed quickly, repeatedly exposing and blanketing the ring of jagged peaks around us. It was such an awesome show to witness and made me giddy for the onset of fall and winter!

Signs of fall colors appeared as soon as we broke out of the forest at the start of the trail.

The trail cuts through a fall pallet.

Stephen walking through the bright berry bushes.

Wondering where the larches were, we finally start to see them high on the pass.

The view behind us as we climb up the pass.

 Larches at the top of the pass.

Larches covering a peak on the pass.

An old glacial valley

Clouds hugging the mountain as they quickly make their journey over the pass.

Colors painting the rocky outwash areas.

Looking down another glacial valley painted by fall colors.

Stephen in awe of the dynamic scene.

Electric larches

Stephen blending in with the large forest.

 Me walking through an autumn rainbow (Photo: S. Newman)

"Layla" enjoying the view.