Monday, September 14, 2015

Hoh Rainforest

This week's blog post features a special guest--my mom! She visited me in Washington and we hit the road to check out some of the state's most spectacular sights. First up on the list? Hoh Rainforest!

Overwhelmed by old-growth trees such as the sitka spruce, big leafed maple, and alder, the temperate rainforest got prettier and bigger with each step. Mosses and lichens were suspended from  branches like party streamers and with tufts of ferns springing out from any empty space on the forest floor, every shade of green was represented.
Mom looking for an elk in the alders.

Big trees, little mama.

Many of the trees in the forest grew from seedlings landing on a nurse log. Once the nurse log decays away, it reveals the intertwining of roots belonging to the new, adult trees.... (Photo: L. Sells) this!

Mom along the Hoh River Trail.


We spent two days playing among the trees and sleeping at their feet. Despite the dry summer, we were able to have a camp fire within the park. Feasting on ramen and Cliff Bars, we spent the evenings dining like vagrant queens around the fire's glow and catching up on much-needed mother-daughter time!

Mom in a sea of green.

Walking along the Hoh River.

Mount Olympus in the distance.

Stopping to check out the waterfall (upper right).

 Elk (Photo: L. Sells)

 A couple of rolling stones gathering moss! (Photo: L. Sells)