Sunday, August 2, 2015

Craig's Parents Visit Washington

Craig's parents, Debbie and Dan made the trek from West Virginia to visit us in Washington this summer. While they were here, Craig and I got to be tourists in our own city! We dined at fabulous restaurants in Seattle, spent a weekend on San Juan Island, had dinner in the Space Needle, saw a Sounders soccer game, and spent a lazy afternoon on Vashon Island! Below are some photos from their stay.

View of Friday Harbor from the ferry

Some of us preferred the view from behind the windows to the right.

While on San Juan Island, we visited the Palindaba Lavender Farm. It was a gorgeous setting with a field full of pastel purples. The numbers of bees in the fields was also astonishing. Their buzzing provided a constant background hum while we walked through the rows of puffy lavender plants.  


Lavender fields forever

I spy a Craig.

Craig in the dried lavender shop 

Fam in a field of purple

Here we are battling it out to be the tallest in the photo. I think I won.(Lime Kiln State Park)

 Having some wine in our room with a view!

A ferry arrives with more weekend visitors to Friday Harbor

While on San Juan Island, we also went whale watching. It was a first for me and because of my recent experience with boats, it was also a first for me trying over-the-counter motion sickness meds. Unfortunately, we weren't able to track down any orcas, but we did stumble upon some humpback whales and I didn't get motion sickness! Yay!

Weather rolling in while we're in search of whales. 

Aaaand here comes the rain! 

Dan battens down the hatches as we head into weather.

We found a timber ship! 

There she blows! 

It didn't take long for the rest of the paparazzi to show up...

Whale tail! 

Going for a deep dive 

Bird poo makes cliffs look dramatic

Lounging seals

Riding back to the mainland

Front porch black bean burgers at our house in West Seattle

Sunset at Alki Beach in West Seattle 

The Space Needle! 

View from the top 

Dinner with a view

Beautiful sunset from the Space Needle

Night shot from the Needle

Waiting for the Uber ride home

Whiskey tasting on Vashon Island

The whiskey starters

Rainier as viewed from Vashon Island

Getting a personal tour from the owner of Nashi Orchards on Vashon Island

Asian pears

 Sounders game

 Sounders game